The pool will open for the season during the first or second week of May. The pool will close for the season late-September/early-October.

**All Pool information is Subject to COVID Guidelines, please contact the Property Manager for updated schedules and rules**

The pool is open for your enjoyment at the following times:

Sunday – Friday: 11:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
Saturday: 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 4:00 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.
Tuesday & Thursday: 12:00 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.
Saturday: 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
Sunday: 11:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Please note: On certain days the pool will be closing at 3:00 PM for the Sugar Mill Swim Team’s home meets. Please come cheer on our Sugar Mill Sharks!!